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We hit the floor running this morning. Still exhausted and giddy from actually getting our booth together late last night. This morning was likely one of the busiest Fridays of any show I can remember. Lots of familiar faces. In general, it seems like all the builders have stepped up there quality yet again. I saw very few bikes that I would call “poor”. I am excited by some of the experimentation going on as well as by the left of craft on more “standard” machines. We had our bikes in for judging late in the afternoon. The format is [...]

Load em up, Load em in.
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The day of load-in for any show is always a mine field of hungry, tired decisions compounded by anxiety. Details that matter probably to nobody but myself. Or do they……..? We hit the ground running with a trip to the local television station for an interview about the up-coming show. The rest of the day was spent finding things we needed for our booth display. We had brought a few items down with us but really our booth this year has very consciously been pared down to only us, the bikes we rode here on and a back drop of [...]

The End of the Road
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We made it! At about 3pm we rolled into Sacramento over the Yellow Bridge to the state capital building like it was the last day of the Tour de France and we were rolling onto the Champs Elysees. There was much rejoicing and celebrating with a chocolate bar. We had obviously made good time today as all paparazzi and throngs of rabid fans had not yet thought to come out and greet us.   Today was our first real day of rain and even then it only proved to make us slightly damp for an hour or so. At least [...]

Running from Winter to Winters
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Today I was reminded of the secret and instant trust of the fraternity that is found when travelling and adventuring by bicycle. Makes me smile as I write this.   Much of the morning was spent planning routes and figuring out how to dodge weather with Scot and Cheryl. We finally set off with the plan of going as far as we could before the freezing rain hit us, probably Davis. This would give us a short run into Sacramento the next morning. We set off with an ambitious plan of making all the way over a very hilly 70-80 [...]

A Day of Heros and fine folks
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Some days are just filled with damn fine people and this was one for the books. The morning was un-assuming enough. We knew we had a great destination to stay tonight with IBIS founder Scot Nicol and his wife, but the rest of the day we were un-prepared for. What started as an innocent email to Scot the night before asking if he had a standard handlebar and stem we could borrow for one of the bikes when we got to his place, was replied to with Scot riding all the way out to Jenner to meet us with bike [...]

Schwalbe North America
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One of our goals with this adventure is to focus on a few companies that we respect and we think are doing amazing things in the bike world. Building a bicycle isn’t just about the end product, it’s also about all of the work and passion that goes into it every step of the way.  We made up a few questions, not too many, just enough to get an idea of the people behind the companies.  The questions are: 1. Why bikes? What makes you passionate about riding? 2. Why have you decided to work with the handmade bicycle manufacturing [...]

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