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The road less travelled
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In the spirit of true adventure and armed with no sense of direction except where we had to be that night, we set off under a beautiful blue sky, perfect temperature and a bit of a tail wind.   what a start! Grins from ear to ear. We made quick time south down the 101. Directions where easy, just follow the Pacific bike route signs. After an hour or so of blissful ignorance we thought we better take stock. Our map was only a general one of the entire western states. On this map, our whole days ride was only [...]

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Yesterday was a jumble of activity. The anticipation of the journey ahead. Fear of the unknown. We had been rehearsing for this moment of departure; this bottle of bubbly over the bow as we let ourselves glide down the slipway and  onto the coast highway. What if  we forgot something? Are the bikes really ready for this?   I have done a fair amount of touring and it is one thing to be off on your own with no real concerns other than immediate needs of travel, food and shelter. That stuff is fine. I’m used to it. It is [...]

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We had the great privilege of imposing on Keith Anderson and his boys last night for a place to sleep and a tour of his shop.  I love to see how people at the peak of their craft go about earning their daily bread. When it happens to be one of the best bicycle painters I know of, it is an extra special treat.   At Naked bicycles we tend to do everything ourselves, including paint. We think we are pretty good at it but we also split our time with welding, fitting and everything else that goes along with [...]

Ortlieb Panniers
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There are a couple of companies that seem to help define a type of cycling. Ortlieb is certainly one of them. They have been the number one choice for touring cyclists around the world for years. When the idea of riding to NAHBS was first dreamed up we knew that we only wanted to to do it if we could work hand in hand with Ortlieb. Along with KVA for the frame tubing, this was the first company we contacted.   In keeping with the spirit of integrated touring bikes, we designed and built the racks and frames specifically to [...]

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While madly trying to pack, finish off finishing touches, and leave in less than an hour, we thought a few sneak-peaks of the two bikes (currently being referred to as Bert and Ernie) was in order.  This is the LAST time they will be clean.

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My adventure to NAHBS 2012 has taken a detour.  I must gracefully accept that I cannot join in the bike tour and bike show and all around good times that will be had a NAHBS. I’ve been living with some mystery health issues that are currently being analyzed,  generalized, revised, and hopefully summarized.    Seeing how I don’t know what’s wrong, and there is a chance that I may be affected by it during the ride and afterwords, I am opting to stay home and get healthy. This is tough for me.  My normal reaction would be to toughen up already, [...]

The End of the Build is in Sight
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Building continues to the wee hours of the morning.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone please tell me it’s not a train (Cracker,  2009 Virgin Records America, Inc.)   We’ve been blabbing on for quite a few blog posts.  It’s time to let the pictures speak for themselves.  

Full Speed Ahead (FSA)
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We’ve been working with FSA for quite a few years.  Not only do they have fantastic components, but their dedication to the handmade bicycle community has been steadfast.  They are wonderfully easy to work with and very down to earth.  Not only that, they get it.  They understand the passion behind bike building and riding.   Here’s our Q&A with FSA’s  Ivan Harms:     Why bikes? What makes you passionate about riding?   I’ve always loved bikes as a kid and it has turned into a career for life. As a kid I remember taking my bottom bracket apart [...]

KVA Stainless
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  The creative process is filled with decisions to be made. Big or small? Single speed or geared? What kind of brakes? Colours? Right or left? Right or wrong? Some choices require no such debate. We wanted to build the bikes in a function and style that represents exactly who we are and what Naked Bicycles is all about.The frame and fork are the back-bone of any bike. The foundation. We wanted a material that was: Strong Resilient Be from a company that shares our desire to share knowledge, borrow from the past but move forward. Resistant to corrosion and [...]

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Way back in the original name brainstorming session, that ended with our fledgling bike company becoming “Naked Bicycles” we hoped for a material that had the weight of aluminum, the feel of steel and the toughness and naked nature of Titanium. Well, such a material did not exist at the time, so we made do with the wonderful materials that where available. All have great features that make them very desirable to build with and ride but each has its shortcomings too. When asked by customers which material is best, I would offer the following descriptions of Aluminum, Steel, Titanium [...]

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