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A view from the top of a mast
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Nothing like starting at the top. Which, in this case also happens to be the ass end of things.   I have a real love/hate relationship with seat masts. They have the image of being simple and clean but in reality are often heavier and fugglier than a classic post setup. I have created quite a few over the years and have included them in the gallery below. The first one I ever built was on the second bike I ever built way back in 1998. This also included a brake cable coming straight out the back. This is the [...]

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So there we are having our Morning staff meeting. This always involves a  couple cups of coffee and snuggling back into bed to plan such tasks as: who is going to the post office? Or, as we were this morning, working on the big picture themes for the naked Bicycle Empire. This boiled down to an all familiar conversation thread.   What the hell are we going to do for NAHBS this year?!   Every year we look for an interesting angle. Not just stand out in the crowd but really offer something to the conversation. A brief history: 2007 [...]

The Road to NAHBS
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This website is dedicated to our journey to NAHBS 2012. This year we are embarking on an unusual project.  We are RIDING our show bikes from N. California to NAHBS in Sacramento.  We really want to make a meal out of the prep and journey of getting to NAHBS. In the days to come, we’ll be documenting about the bike designs and build, choice of trip equipment and clothing, the trip itself, the people we meet, the places we stay and finishing off on the last day of NAHBS.  We hope to show the amount of work and passion that [...]

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