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The End of the Road

We made it! At about 3pm we rolled into Sacramento over the Yellow Bridge to the state capital building like it was the last day of the Tour de France and we were rolling onto the Champs Elysees. There was much rejoicing and celebrating with a chocolate bar. We had obviously made good time today as all paparazzi and throngs of rabid fans had not yet thought to come out and greet us.


Today was our first real day of rain and even then it only proved to make us slightly damp for an hour or so. At least the installed fenders where not all in vain. The Ibex kit we had been wearing all week was perfect for this kind of day with it’s mix of temperatures and weather. Indeed it has been splendid all week.


Also splendid were our Schwalbe tires. Not a single flat! We took some nasty roads too….


After a siesta of 5 minutes we set about readying ourselves for a dinner with some local and state politicians to rally support for some of the issues facing cyclist in Sac as well as all of California. After experiencing many of the parks, bike routes, and signage first hand and then hearing that much of it may not last for budget reasons was sad to hear. Ever since I first toured and camped through California over 20 years ago with my dad,  I have not found a better area for cycling touring anywhere. What a pity if this was lost.


It is a strange feeling have finished our journey and yet really only just beginning. Tomorrow is a crazy day of building a booth with what we have with us, turning pictures from the trip into posters for display, and trying not to get distracted by all the cool stuff peaking out of other builders crates as they go through the similar prep frenzy we are. Then Friday is Show time!


Hope to see you there.

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