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Running from Winter to Winters

Today I was reminded of the secret and instant trust of the fraternity that is found when travelling and adventuring by bicycle. Makes me smile as I write this.


Much of the morning was spent planning routes and figuring out how to dodge weather with Scot and Cheryl. We finally set off with the plan of going as far as we could before the freezing rain hit us, probably Davis. This would give us a short run into Sacramento the next morning.

We set off with an ambitious plan of making all the way over a very hilly 70-80 mile route and only leaving at about noon. This could have been a disaster but all went incredibly well, except for the bit where we got really hungry.


All the issues with the bike where sorted including “Captain Crunch” our Alfine rear hub. He was silent all day. A little brainstorming over several glasses of wine and 5 head scratching bike builders finally came to the conclusion that we needed a bigger wrench. After all the fiddling, it was simply a matter of getting the axle nuts tight enough. Thanks especially to Curtis Inglis for this one.

We ticked the miles over and feeling very spent from running steady to keep away from the impending storm we rolled into Winters which is a small town about 12 miles from Davis. From somewhere behind me, I heard someone holler from a truck: “Hey, it’s going to rain soon. Do you need a place to stay tonight?” The tired and hungry look on our face probably answered the question before I even had a chance to answer.


So, here we are at the house of Libby and Reid, drinking tea and typing to you. I love this. Andrea and I are always offering our place to random, tired and lost looking cyclists when they come to Quadra. The bicycle allows this trust somehow. In what other group can you still hear the words “Do you need a place to stay tonight?” from a complete stranger, and know right away that this is no stranger, but simply a friend you haven’t met yet.

Last day of riding tomorrow!

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