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A Day of Heros and fine folks

Some days are just filled with damn fine people and this was one for the books.

The morning was un-assuming enough. We knew we had a great destination to stay tonight with IBIS founder Scot Nicol and his wife, but the rest of the day we were un-prepared for.

What started as an innocent email to Scot the night before asking if he had a standard handlebar and stem we could borrow for one of the bikes when we got to his place, was replied to with Scot riding all the way out to Jenner to meet us with bike bits strapped to his top-tube. He then lead us on the most spectacular journey of back roads, trails (finally got the bikes dirty!) and meandering climbs. Routes that we would never have figured out on our own.

Along the way we rode through Occidental, the stomping grounds of my own personal hero, Mr. Tom Waits. So this is the place he is writing about……..

A few miles later we stopped for lunch at the coolest bakery I have ever seen. When I asked them if they took a credit card they replied with: “No, but you can mail us a check later.” Nice.

As we came into Santa Rosa, we stopped by the frame shop of Jeremy Sycip. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before I found myself, in full riding gear, tucked behind a welding helmet, patching up some wounds on the long bike, including the handlebars. At first, I was terrified by the idea of a “flaw” in the show bikes but now that it is dealt with and learned from, I’m even more excited to be doing what we are doing; Trying new things and testing them in the real world. I’m going to screw up sometimes and when I do, I just hope that people like Scot and Jeremy are there to lend a hand, in the same way I am more than happy to help when someone asks. I have a sticker on my milling machine that says:

“Someone who doesn’t make mistakes, doesn’t make anything at all”

This post is coming in late this evening as we are just finishing off a great feed at Scot’s with Curtis of Inglis/Retrotec, Jeremy of Sycip and there lovely partners.

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