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A nice Logical Day- Ritchey Logic that is…

A nice Logical Day- Ritchey Logic that is.


We set off early this morning. Not because we had a long day, it was only 40 miles, but because we had a lunch date to meet and a long unknown climb to get to it.


One of the Granddaddies of the mountain bike had invited over for a visit. We had one of the nicest afternoons solving the worlds problems, one logical step at a time. It was refreshing to see one of the icons of the frame building world and king of the Ritchey Empire, so grounded. In his work clothes, surrounded by sketches and wood working projects, hands beaten to hell by years of good old fashioned labour, Tom was obviously still as excited as ever about what might be next around the corner.


In a couple of hours we had brainstormed and started about 3 years worth of new projects between us. Good stuff!


Tom will have a booth at NAHBS and will be giving a talk on Saturday morning I believe. Should be good!


We plummeted down off the ridge towards the coast and a few more miles to Jenner. The temperature dropped with the sun and we found ourselves scrambling to don most of the clothing we had. Luckily we have a lot of Ibex woollies to keep us cozy.


The Jenner Inn awaited us. The Inn is made up of a beautiful collection of cabins right on the coast in this sleepy little town. I’m sure it is booming in the summer, but in the deep off-season we feel like we have the whole town to ourselves.


A bit of work to do tonight and then we are off to meet up with hall of famer, trials rider (Aran is very excited about this) and mountain bike legend, Scott Nicol of Ibis tomorrow.


With all the rough gravel roads, heavy loads, steep climbs and twisty descents, it looks like it may have taken a toll on the experimental bar/stem combo on the long bike. Might try to find a standard bar and stem to get through the next few days. This is the risk we take building unusual items sometimes. A lot of the bits on the long bike are prototype and so stuff is bound to happen.


As we discussed with Tom today: you have to be a rider to be a builder, just before he set off for a 2 hour ride before dinner. How else will you know if, and how things work?


We couldn’t agree more.

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