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The road less travelled

In the spirit of true adventure and armed with no sense of direction except where we had to be that night, we set off under a beautiful blue sky, perfect temperature and a bit of a tail wind.


what a start! Grins from ear to ear. We made quick time south down the 101. Directions where easy, just follow the Pacific bike route signs. After an hour or so of blissful ignorance we thought we better take stock. Our map was only a general one of the entire western states. On this map, our whole days ride was only about 1/2″ long to cover 70 miles. Ah well, we will just keep following the signs. How about food? Hmm, had a few worthers originals from the front desk. Better stock up soon, maybe wait til the next town. Too much fun gliding along. Bikes seem just as content. The only thing we found was that this section of highway 101 is pretty fast and busy. Then we saw a sign: “Avenue of the Giants alternate route 2 miles ahead”.


This wasn’t on our simple road map and we had no idea where it went, so naturally we went for it. After all, an adventure isn’t an adventure without a little adventure. What a perfect choice! This section of road meanders through the giant redwoods for 50 or 60 miles (No idea of actual distance as I left the bike computer back at Als). At this time of year we saw almost no cars. This is quite likely one of the sweetest roads I have ever ridden on.

All nerves about how the bikes would behave faded away as the miles went by. A couple loose fender bolts and one of the belt drive tensioning spacers coming loose was the only real mechanical event of the day.

We rolled into Garberville late in the afternoon to be greeted with “Hey, which one of you is Sam?” This was Tammy who had seen us approaching on our bikes as we rolled up to the main office of the Humbolt Redwood Inn which was to be our digs for the night. I guess they don’t get a lot of cyclist at this time of year. Indeed, we hadn’t seen a single one all day. She then continued, “Now be sure not to believe the reviews on the web about us, we are really a great place” This of course was meant to make us feel at home but suddenly we weren’t so sure.


Luckily, we have had a great stay so far and leave you with today’s advice:


Always go for the “alternate route” and don’t believe all the reviews you read.


Off to Fort Bragg Tomorrow!


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