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A Wonderful Opening Night in Eureka

Yesterday was a jumble of activity. The anticipation of the journey ahead. Fear of the unknown. We had been rehearsing for this moment of departure; this bottle of bubbly over the bow as we let ourselves glide down the slipway and  onto the coast highway. What if  we forgot something? Are the bikes really ready for this?


I have done a fair amount of touring and it is one thing to be off on your own with no real concerns other than immediate needs of travel, food and shelter. That stuff is fine. I’m used to it. It is the other part that weighs heavy at this point as we look over the edge and contemplate the leap. There are a lot of people that we care about who are watching and we don’t want to disappoint! It WILL be fine one way or the other but it is that moment of stage fright before you walk onstage and hope you remember your lines that is the hardest. I can’t wait to get moving today and leave the jitters behind!


Yesterday we visited with our very dear Friends Al and Alice. Andrea and I go way back with these folks racing human powered vehicles. One of the reasons for starting the bicycle part of the journey was that we would get to see them. We used their place to get the final gear tuned, bags stuffed and re-stuffed. All unnecessary  items stored until we return in 2 weeks. The bikes got a good shakedown with full loaded gear and we set off for a trial run. A few fender rattles here and some pannier shuffling there. Gears working, belt drive awesome. Getting dark -  lights on. Yeah! Everything works.


By this time we were famished. Had we really not eaten a meal since the oatmeal we had back at Keith’s in the morning? Back to the wonderful and historic Eagle House Inn right on the water in the old town of Eureka. Beautiful! The Irish Pub attached to the Inn was perfect for a couple of ravenous and zonked travelers such as ourselves. The interior of the Inn is amazing with a massive ballroom in the center. Apparently this lodging is a favorite of motorcycle gangs as they can roll their hogs right on into the ballroom. What a sight that must be! We couldn’t resist and took a few pics of the bikes on the empty stage, in the empty ballroom. Like actors in a final dress rehearsal before the curtain rises on opening night.


Will the show be a grand success?


God I hope so…………


If not, it will at least be a traveling circus and everyone loves clowns.



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