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A quick visit with Keith Anderson of Keith Anderson Cycles

We had the great privilege of imposing on Keith Anderson and his boys last night for a place to sleep and a tour of his shop.  I love to see how people at the peak of their craft go about earning their daily bread. When it happens to be one of the best bicycle painters I know of, it is an extra special treat.


At Naked bicycles we tend to do everything ourselves, including paint. We think we are pretty good at it but we also split our time with welding, fitting and everything else that goes along with creating a full custom bicycles. We work on building a complete package for each customer. I’m interested in getting the big picture right and letting the details follow naturally. This means we don’t get to really hone some of the finer aspects to an exact science the way somebody like Keith does. It is amazing how much you can learn from somebody with such specific skills in only an hour or so. I really appreciate Keith taking the time to share some of his hard earned paint secrets. We always try to be as “naked” as possible with our information and it is a delight to spend a few hours with someone who is of the same mind.


Thanks Keith!


And not to forget Corey, Keith’s right hand man. Every Batman needs a Robin……..


Speaking of sidekicks, my assistant and travel companion Aran has collapsed in an exhausted heap at 9pm and is sawing some serious logs.


We are tucked into the glorious historic Eagle House Victorian Inn. What a place! Went for a brief ride around Eureka and visited our dear friends Al and Alice Krause.  More on all that tomorrow. Exhausted now. Time for sleep. Haven’t even started the real riding yet!




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