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Andrea’s Takes a Detour and Lays a Big Blog

My adventure to NAHBS 2012 has taken a detour.  I must gracefully accept that I cannot join in the bike tour and bike show and all around good times that will be had a NAHBS. I’ve been living with some mystery health issues that are currently being analyzed,  generalized, revised, and hopefully summarized.    Seeing how I don’t know what’s wrong, and there is a chance that I may be affected by it during the ride and afterwords, I am opting to stay home and get healthy.

This is tough for me.  My normal reaction would be to toughen up already, buttercup, and just do it.   AND Sam and I have always gone to NAHBS together.  Both working the booth – we make a good team.  I’ve been working on this particular adventure for over half a year and we’ve been imagining it for a few years.  To let it go is a huge challenge. BUT I must say,  I’m pretty proud of myself for backing off and resting.


A few very kind and generous individuals have imparted very wise words to help me look at this in a different way:


I’m giving someone else an opportunity to experience this adventure. – OK, I feel good about this.  Sharing.


 It gives me time to reflect and take care of myself. – Yes. I could benefit from a  little me time.


 I’m growing and learning from this experience.    Learning how to LET GO. – Sounds  good.  Not holding on to outcomes and expectations. Excellent.



Then I made the mistake of looking at the 14 day projected weather forecast:


East Vancouver Island and all nearby little rocky outcroppings  (Quadra Island) – rain, and rain, and snow, and sleet, and maybe a little peak of sun (oh wait, that was a misprint), then more rain and sleet.


Northern Cal. Eureka to Sacramento -  SUN. Bit of a heat wave coming through. Tailwind all the way.  AND SUN AND SUN AND SUN……


Just shoot me now.  I know I know, I’m exhibiting whiny white girl syndrome.  Just working on the plans for my upcoming pity party.  I found this golden nugget by KB Spiritual Superhero (www.ktotheb.com) . The words in brackets are my little add on.


How to Throw a Pity Party –
Step 5: Set Up the Music

Good music is essential for a good party. For this party you’re going to need sorrowful music that stirs the soul.

Violins or cellos are always a good choice. Don’t underestimate the power of “The Rose”. Or anything recorded by Lionel Richie during that awkward phase.

Why not make a pity party playlist for your iPod? Then you’ll be all ready to rock next time you (go for a bike ride around Quadra Island.  Just for kicks, ride ’round in the other direction. It is an island afterall. Oh, the options are endless)


OK, I’m done whining.


I’m officially relegated to running the operations of this journey from the seat in front of the computer at home.  In my place is the incredibly healthy, rides like a maniac, 2011 North American Trials Champion, and Nakedite – Aran Cook.   All of my best to Sam and Aran on this adventure.   Sammy – i love you and miss you already.  Have a great ride!


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