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Full Speed Ahead (FSA)

We’ve been working with FSA for quite a few years.  Not only do they have fantastic components, but their dedication to the handmade bicycle community has been steadfast.  They are wonderfully easy to work with and very down to earth.  Not only that, they get it.  They understand the passion behind bike building and riding.


Here’s our Q&A with FSA’s  Ivan Harms:



Why bikes? What makes you passionate about riding?


I’ve always loved bikes as a kid and it has turned into a career for life. As a kid I remember taking my bottom bracket apart in 2nd grade to over-haul it since my father was on travel and I wanted to ride my broken bike. Ever since it’s been a learning experience which still pushes me today to continually learn more in this great industry.


Why have you decided to work with the handmade bicycle community?


For FSA we have listed over 121 North American small, medium and large OEM accounts which purchase from our U.S. warehouse. There are many more custom makers we are not currently working with, which we are reaching out to by attending this event. People say there no more large scale bicycle production in the United States and North America as in the past. However if we combine all small, medium, larger accounts together, I would say there is plenty of production with an emphasis on highly skilled labor making works of art. NAHBS brings more attention to the hand built bicycle industry each year. Not only is this a very important part of FSA’s business and the bicycle industry, but also focusing on the growing North American craftsman.


What was your first bike?


The first bike I remember was my Schwinn Sting Ray w/ coaster brake. BMX was really getting going in the late 70′s and I wanted a cool BMX bike like my friends who raced. My personal favorites were the SE PK Ripper, SE Quadangle, Torker all with ACS hubs and plastic Z-Rims… sick! So I painted my Sting Ray yellow, bought 180mm OPC, nice pedals, brakes, bmx bars, stem, etc… I had all the parts and built my first BMX bike. It rode terrible since the long cranks hit the ground when cornering, geometry was all wrong. I eventually saved my money and bought a chromoly Scorpion frameset. I was off to the races after that… until I broke the frame later that summer.


If you could be riding your bike anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?


It would be a minimum one week MTB, off-road, bike-packing tour on any mountain with lakes, streams all the while fly fishing along the way… let’s go!


For more information about FSA, go to their website at www.fullspeedahead.com
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