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KVA Stainless


The creative process is filled with decisions to be made. Big or small? Single speed or geared? What kind of brakes? Colours? Right or left? Right or wrong? Some choices require no such debate. We wanted to build the bikes in a function and style that represents exactly who we are and what Naked Bicycles is all about.The frame and fork are the back-bone of any bike. The foundation. We wanted a material that was:

  • Strong
  • Resilient
  • Be from a company that shares our desire to share knowledge, borrow from the past but move forward.
  • Resistant to corrosion and abuse.
  • Look even better with some wear and tear
  • Be easy to work with in a variety of manufacturing techniques

Making this, the most important design choice for these bikes, was easy.


KVA MS2 tubing. No contest.


All of the guys at KVA have been very supportive and helpful with getting these full stainless bikes ready to roll.

We did a Q&A with Production Manager Joe McCrink:


  1. KVA makes stainless products for many different industries.  Why did you start making tubing for bikes? What makes you passionate about riding?

KVA’s technology can be applied to a lot of different product but when I started at KVA we were locked in an exclusive agreement with Ford motor company. We had some extra time to devote so something so Danny Codd and I both thought bike frames suited the technology without question. We bought a copy of the Paterek manual and built a couple of frames just to see if we could and we did! I still have them hanging on the wall.


As a kid I was and avid BMX rider and you could find me either riding or digging seven days a week in the local open field. It wasn’t until that first frame I made, did I gain the appreciation, and passion for bikes. The level of craftsmanship that goes into making one that fits right and looks good was so exciting. I remember riding that frame around and when people would ask who made it just being so thrilled to say, “I did, even the tubing”.  Now that I’ve been involved in this industry for several years my passion for riding comes from wanting to get outside and enjoy life right now as much as possible.


  1. Why have you decided to work with the handmade bicycle manufacturing community?

The handbuilt community was a natural for us, after attending Interbike and then NAHBS in 2008’, when it was in Portland it was easy to see where we would be able to gain experience and grow at a smart pace. The input from builders has always been really important to me and I know that’s because so many Builders have really helped us learn and have been patient with us.


  1. What was your first bike?

I believe my first bike was a huffy BMX bike, I learned to ride on a baseball diamond. I remember it had a sweet splatter paint job, grey, black, and pink.


  1. If you could be riding your bike anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

I would be in the Netherlands during the spring or summer, I’ve just heard so much about their cycling culture and would like to experience that first hand. We have a few builders there that work with MS2. It would be a great reason to visit ;) . Right now though I really have no complaints about San Diego, I can ride pretty much whenever I want and the occasional rainy day is an excuse to get in the mud on the local trails.

For more information on KVA MS2 bicycle tubing please visit there website.

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