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Another late night

It’s late.  I look out the office window and I can see Sam still working.  I haven’t left the computer since the last time I got up to add wood to the fire.  It’s the time of night when you should be sleeping or at least hanging with friends at the pub. It is Friday night after all.  I’ve got my own personal party here with a little music and a little bit more of wine.  The stress level is mounting.

Sam, Aran and I have been working on this project for many weeks now.  This is the point where one starts questioning the wisdom of the choices made.   Qualities like sanity, tolerance, and patience are at an all-time low – and may get lower in the days ahead. Doesn’t make for pretty pictures.  It’s gritty, a little ugly, and very real.


But still, we keep on.


So.. looking at Sam through the window right at this moment, I see determination and perseverance.  Thankfully he has these qualities, because I am starting to slide into a sleep deprived (and slightly substance induced) incoherence.


The current state of things:  Bike #1 is nearly done. Bike #2 is still in pieces.   Here’s the reality of the shop with only 9 days to go before we leave for NAHBS.

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