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Bike #1 nears completion

The Naked workshop has been a flutter with flying bits of milled stainless, sketches drawn and crumpled. All is proceeding along nicely. A few new idea and ways of doing things but for the most part I am borrowing heavily from past experience. Putting bends in the super strong KVA tubing is proving a herculean task. How can a material be so strong and thin, and yet when it finally gives into persuasion from kind words, threats and some very long levers, it finally complies in the most elegant of fashions and leave me with some beautiful Art Nouveau swaggers? I really think I’m starting to fall in love with this material.


Most exciting thing about this longer pack-mule of a bike of the two is the Belt drive setup. I will go into this more in a later post but I am working on a tensioning system I first tried with great success a few years ago on a bike built for Shimano. It is funny how a couple of years and strange dreams will move the evolution of an idea along.


The hard work on this frame is mostly behind us. just have to work on a couple details including a full stainless seatpost and the fork is only half way done. Overall the look should be pretty clean on this one. Still contemplating whether I have time to build a custom stem and bar combo. hmmmmmmmmmm.


Getting close to finishing time on this one. Still to be named but has gone by such names as:

  • Haulin’
  • Bert
  • Long one
  • Clyde


Pretty much finished the fork for the other one which has been called such things as:

  • Notes
  • Ernie
  • Short one
  • Bonnie


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