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Schwalbe North America

One of our goals with this adventure is to focus on a few companies that we respect and we think are doing amazing things in the bike world. Building a bicycle isn’t just about the end product, it’s also about all of the work and passion that goes into it every step of the way.  We made up a few questions, not too many, just enough to get an idea of the people behind the companies.  The questions are:

1. Why bikes? What makes you passionate about riding?

2. Why have you decided to work with the handmade bicycle manufacturing community?

3. What was your first bike?

4. If you could be riding your bike anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?


Our relationship with Schwalbe NA has spanned the greater part of our lives.  We first met Celeste and Klaus when we went to pick up our first box of tires from their house in Victoria.  From our racing days to world record setting and bike building, they’ve been there for us.   Here’s Celeste of Schwalbe North America.





To a kid who was old enough to get on a bike without the use of training wheels (I needed those for about 10 minutes) it meant the first true feeling of complete FREEDOM!


I didn’t get my very own “first bike” until I was 10 years old, but I did get to ride my sister’s bike which was a 1967 Sear’s Special when I learned how to ride.


My first bike was a 1971 Schwinn and it came in my favorite color – BLUE. Little did I know that SCHWALBE blue would enter my life 25 years later!



I ride because I like that feeling of freedom.


I love bikes because they let me go places that cars and planes and trains can’t take me.


I deeply admire and appreciate the care behind a hand crafted bicycle because being a bit of an artist myself, there is simply nothing that can compare to the innovation and energy and passion and pure love that goes into a hand built bike – or anything for that matter.


If I could bolt from my office, and from behind my desk, I would be riding the trails near Grindelwald, Switzerland –in the Bernese Oberland.




For more information on Schwalbe North America www.schwalbetires.com

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