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The Current State of My Brain




It is right about now, when the firewood is low and the flu season is high that I ask myself the annual question.


Because it will be worth it right?

My brain is overflowing with stress and ideas and not always sure where one begins and one ends. The romantic view of the suffering artist? A master craftsman in search of some higher calling?

Ha! That’s me right now baby. It sucks.

I’m sick as a dog, time ticks on and the money flows out the door like a Belgian ‘crosser going for the hole-shot.

Should I be surprised? Of course not. I do this to myself. I know that once the bikes are done and we are on the road all this will be a distant memory. But for the moment, the well worn cranks of creativity are deep in the flux.

Because it will be worth it right?

Customer bikes are on hold for the most part as Andrea and I play responsibility tennis over small jobs and try to sooth the sighs and glares with quick hugs and “there-there’s”. Misery does love company.

I didn’t sleep more than an hour or two last night with¬† a nagged head cold and the stress-thoughts of ridiculous notions that just won’t shut-up.¬† I can’t figure out whether to spend 2 days building a “super-cool-never-been-done-before” stem or simply buy a Thomson stem stem and be done with it. A thousand configurations float through my head. How come the worst ideas keep re-surfacing? As Billy Collins wrote in one of my favorite poems of all time Entitled Insomnia:

“someone inside me will not get off his tricycle,
will not stop tracing the same tight circle
on the same green threadbare carpet.”


Todays post is a bit of a view from the darkside but I figure you guys need to see all the warts too!

Just too show we haven’t simply been dwelling in self pity. Here are some cool pics of a heavily modified fork crown to accept some sweet Paul racer brakes because it will be worth it right?


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