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A view from the top of a mast

Nothing like starting at the top. Which, in this case also happens to be the ass end of things.


I have a real love/hate relationship with seat masts. They have the image of being simple and clean but in reality are often heavier and fugglier than a classic post setup. I have created quite a few over the years and have included them in the gallery below. The first one I ever built was on the second bike I ever built way back in 1998. This also included a brake cable coming straight out the back. This is the very nineties looking green bike in the photo. The “!” I put on that bike as made its way on to most of my bikes ever since. It is exhausting to think how many of those I have carved.


The Baba-Ganush still makes me laugh when I look at it because the seat mast was never trimmed. I didn’t know who would end up with it and didn’t want to make it too short. It gives it a very aggressive look which actually works aesthetically I suppose.


The last pictures in the series show the construction of the seatmast for one of this years bikes. (still working on names for these. This mornings staff meeting deemed either Bonnie and Clyde, or Fred and Ginger as front runners. Things start to fall apart after Ken and Barbie was suggested)


I was really happy with the mast on the Gentleman’s Scorcher bike I built last year with the hidden wedge bolt. I think most people didn’t even realize that this had a full inch of adjustability.  I wanted to make the look as clean as possible again but this time,  fully adjustable. Stubby seatposts always work really well as pseudo-masts but look a lot like what they are and the damn binder bolt always interrupts the clean appearance as well as the step down to the post. The eye much prefers a step up to anchor the end. This post can be slammed for the cleanest look or spacers added which have the same Diameter. Too much nerd talk? Ok, here are the pics:

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